Present Scenario

India is at a crossroads in its development path. With its fast-growing economy, rapid urbanization, and employment growth, energy demands are skyrocketing. Efforts to increase energy access and provide electricity to rural communities while alleviating poverty are also gaining momentum. Clean energy and energy-efficiency solutions are more critical than ever before.
News like –

  • Heatwaves in South Asia persisted until the beginning of summer 2016, breaking a record of 51 degrees Celsius in Rajasthan in May 2016. More than 1,000 people died of hyperthermia or dehydration. In total, 18,000 fatalities were reported, especially in south-east India.
  • The persisting drought and heat waves affected more than 330 million people, and were followed by an extreme monsoon season from June to October in eastern, western and central India. At least 300 people died due to the heavy rainfalls and landslides, while millions more were affected by deluged crops, destroyed roads or disrupted electricity and phone lines, Created a disturbance in him and said "We as youth have discuss the issues and fatality on social media and created campaigns and then rest with our own routine life" but till what time can we be ignorant for society which has given us everything and with this thought re-emergence of UHWS was evident.

The society started working and went to all renownwed institutions like NPL,NEERI, JNU, ASSOCHAM, FICCI, CSIR, adjoined hands and got blessings of great scholars like JUSTICE V M TARKUNDE, Sh. S.S BOPARAI, Prof V.S Ramamurthy, Prof R A MASHELKAR, Dr Manager Pandey. They all came on one platform in 1998 and organized International Conference on Environmental Pollution.

Thrilling Antarctica

Our Mission: To ensure learning about the geological past of India, to change the mindset and feel towards environment conservation.

Our Vision: The extension of Indian Antarctic Program to common people to make sustainable environment as a part of their lives with no cost involved.

SEEING IS BELIEVING & EXPERIENCE FOR GENERATION is the force which gave birth and strength to THRILLING ANTARCTICA. Thrilling Antarctica is India’s First expedition program which will start its it journey with the biggest bang ever heard in any such campaigns. Under this program, a troop of 10 common people along with experts on Antarctica will travel to Antarctica as to see, feel and believe the Centre controlling Global warming and after their Journey would be BRAND AMBASSADORS to create campaigns against our ignorant behavior towards environment and nature.

To ensure that this program reaches the youth and does not just remains as documentary, First of its kind social campaign will be organised to make people aware of the effects of global warming instead of just showing pictures. The whole event Curated by Universal Human Welfare Society in association with Purani Dili Talkies will invite 5 online video creators and their biggest fans on a voyage to Antarctica and will Motivate people to take a step towards making a difference at grass root level. As we are well aware that online video creators have become a bigger celebrity and have huge fan followings this will collective reach more than 5 million.

This whole expedition in next 10 years will create a largest campaign on Global warming in India with people talking after experiencing the purest form of nature by themselves.