Mission & Vision

Our Mission

To spread awareness and involve all sections of society to work towards a sustainable environment, health security and also contribute to the world and the society by creating a self-moving campaign at the grass root level.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create brand ambassadors for all the important aspects of society at the root level and to generate fission movement for Nation building.


Step Towards Education

The UHWS took another leap in the filed of education and strived for the cause of education to all. Under this program a school was adopted in Ghaziabad called of Rising Sun Public school with the fees of Rs.5 and Rs.10, girl child education was free and if family had 3 children the education of 1 child was complimentary.

The school initially faced challenges as families were not ready to send their children to study, rather small works in homes like sewing, buttoning, was famous in that area, so teachers from the school used to go door to door to motivate females of the house and letting them know the right to education and better living.

The school has been running from more than 2 decades without any donation or contribution and today school has its own small building and students are still benefited with quality education on marginal cost.

Universal Human Welfare society aims to build a big building with playground and other facilities in same area to accommodate more children and make them stand on their own in the competitive world.


Good Health Builds Good Nation

The era was last 90’s and starting 2000 which was ready to write history by eradicating polio from India and Government of U.P, was fighting a hard battle against the disease. Universal Human Welfare society, joined hand with district level Government machineries and started working with them hand in hand for the cause.

From year 2002-2007 – UHWS not only aided volunteers for Government camps, but also organized camps in all over the district to fight against Polio. The effort not only made us reach to the most backward area of the District, it also gave us scope to work for children who were already facing the issue of Polio. With regular effort in U.P and zero reporting in next some years as it was the last state in India which was reporting AFP, India was announced Polio free.


The Re-Growth

UHWS is now an optimum combination of young passion and experienced guidance. The next generation, emerged into the scenario and has now become the torch bearer to take this program further. Under the passionate lead of Dr. Priyaranjan Thakur who is a healthcare Management Post Graduate and worked for different healthcare organization around the country said good bye to his job and took the step forward to take the society to reach masses.