Education for All

In every niche of a clean and green posh areas of society, there is always a village or backward area at the some corner and we started the society in 1997, there was an area near posh colony of Sahibabad called Shahid Nagar, Ganesh Puri and Janakpuri, Where the population survived by small jobs in transport nagar and education was not on their cards at all.

The school with name of Rising Sun Public school was launched with the fees of Rs.5 and Rs.10, girl child education was free and if family had 3 children the education of 1 child was complimentary.

The school initially faced challenges as families were not ready to send their children to study, rather small works in homes like sewing, buttoning, was famous in that area, so teachers from the school used to go door to door to motivate females of the house and letting them know the right to education and better living.

The school has been running from more than 2 decades without any donation or contribution and today school has its own small building and students are still benefited with quality education on marginal cost.

Universal Human Welfare society aims to build a big building with playground and other facilities in same area to accommodate more children and make them stand on their own in the competitive world.