About Us

The name came into existence on an odd day of 1997, a year after the New York smog, which created first thump in the social arena to think about society and its environment, Former Prime Minister Mr. Chandra Shekhar ji, Former Deputy Prime Minister Sh. Devi Lal ji and Founder of this society Mr. S.K Thakur were sitting together and discussing the social episodes of the that time, the two veteran leaders motivated the young chap on high tea to do something for society and search the real cause of existence, The idea was well grabbed and in late 1997, a body emerged in the arena to fight against Environment pollution called UNIVERSAL HUMAN WELFARE SOCIETY.

The society started working and went to all renownwed institutions like NPL,NEERI, JNU, ASSOCHAM, FICCI, CSIR, adjoined hands and got blessings of great scholars like JUSTICE V M TARKUNDE, Sh. S.S BOPARAI, Prof V.S Ramamurthy, Prof R A MASHELKAR, Dr Manager Pandey. They all came on one platform in 1998 and organized International Conference on Environmental Pollution.